Our company is developing a system of unique software
that enables various kinds of end users' equipment and technology
to communicate with a games site and between themselves.
The software covers almost all kinds of existing technologies.

The system enables any end-user/customer
to play games with other customers, not depending
on the equipment each of them uses.

The only limit is the ability of the equipment itself.
With a PC, the customer can play any game,
while with a cellular phone - only part of the games are available;
nevertheless, a cellular phone user can communicate with a PC user.
The ability to join games is not limited to equipment
that is capable of connecting to the Internet.
A similar server may be installed in the phone system,
for example, so customers will be able to join games
even without being able to connect to the Internet.

Customers may choose partners to games they like
and organize groups of games, cycles and championships.
An internal chat in the site allows communication between the players.

The system has managing tools including:
master-web-master, and webmaster.

For known abilities of the equipment of the end-users,
the system gives the best display options,
including text + animation + sounds + voice
and also colored or black-and-white pictures.