Our multi-platform, cross-platform system is a turnkey solution
for any operator. It is also a fast solution:
you can receive
a working system within 30 days.

It has numerous advantages, such as:

  1. OEM system branding or co-branding with operator's full look&feel.
  2. Advanced billing system including options
         to play for a membership fee,
         to pay according to playing time,
         and to buy score for playing.
  3. Advanced management tools and back-office.
  4. Separate scoring and record boards for every game.
  5. Opportunity for tournaments and competitions between users.
  6. Opportunity for choosing a partner for a game.
  7. Adaptation to display options of different devices
    of the same platform.
  8. Fast adaptation to any language.
  9. Perfect compatibility for any operator.
  10. The best performance according to  platform specifications
    (picture, sound, animation).
  11. High stability with a great number of users.
We constantly upgrade the system and develop new games,
and have vast experience of successful cooperation
with different operators.

Contact us for further details.